Who we are

We started millipedia at the end of the 20th century - that makes us very old in internet time. It also means that we had our name before those upstarts at Wikipedia started and confused things.

Our experience was acquired both in the public and private sectors. We are a partnership of like-minded individuals, who decided that we would rather provide this knowledge and experience to groups that are driven by social and ethical objectives.

We're based in the Chilterns (that's one of our sites of course) in the Thames-side town of Marlow, but we work with organisations from Stockholm to Rio.

We work with a wide range of specialists depending on what the project requires, but it'll be one of the below who'll probably pick up the phone when you call.

The team



Prior to founding millipedia, Stephen worked for Dorling Kindersley Multimedia on their award winning CD-ROMs, and Agency.com where he was responsible for quality assurance on several large corporate websites including British Airways and O2. He is a founder of Miappi as well as other start ups.

Stephen is our technical director and is proficient in a wide range of programming languages and technical architectures.

Stephen built his first webpage in 1993; this is so long ago in internet years that instead of needing search engines to index sites Tim Berners-Lee just kept a list.

You can view Stephen's LinkedIn profile if you want, although his Last FM stats might give you a better idea.