The Runnymede Trust

We've been looking after the Runnymede Trust site for nearly two decades now and in that time it's gone through several iterations making use of new technologies and reacting to the changing needs of the UK's leading independent race equality thinktank.

The Runnymede website

The site has a members system supporting over a thousand members to date. It has an integrated blogging platform,  an information management systems for their publications as well as Twitter and mailing list integration. We also created bespoke modules to extend the CMS to make managing the site as simple as possible. From updating the tabs on the home page to adding audio podcasts and YouTube videos it's all done with a straightforward administration interface.

The site uses plenty of great bespoke functionality to make visiting the site as easy and enjoyable as possible but keeps a high level of accessibility and complies to web standards.

As part of the design process we conducted some great user testing involving users from a whole range of the website's potential audience. Using paper prototypes and card sorting helped us make important information architecture decisions about how the site should be organised.

Since the launch we've kept a close eye on how the site is being used and continue to update and improve it. It's proving very popular.


The Runnymede Trust